Spring and Fall Clean-Up

    Indiana can have a very harsh winter and it can take a heavy toll on your lawn, landscape and shrubs. Sims Lawn Care spring clean-up services will get your lawn and landscape ready for spring beauty and summer entertaining. Fall clean-up can get out of control with leafs and your lawn needs prepped for a potentially rough winter.  Whether you’re looking forward to a lush summer or preparing for winter, Sims Spring and Fall Cleanup will have your property ready.

    Spring Services

    • Garden & flower beds
    • Tree/hedge trim & pruning
    • Redefining lawn borders
    • Weed & crabgrass prevention
    • Re-seeding & fertilizing
    • Lawn aeration & composting
    • Pest & insect control
    • Speciality services & more

    Fall Services

    • Leaves & branches removal
    • Garden & bedding areas
    • Composting & winter mulching
    • Seasonal planting & flowers
    • Weed & pest control
    • Mold & mildew prevention
    • Fertilizing treatments
    • For more services, just ask!

When to Schedule Spring or Fall Clean-Up

Ultimately it is up to you when spring or fall clean-up is performed on your residential or commercial property. However, in Indiana the changing seasons typically are pretty consistent.

Spring Season

Spring clean-up begins in March when the weather permits and continues through April and May.

Fall Season

Fall clean-up typically begins as early as October and can continue as long as conditions allow.