Sod and Riprap Installation

Our sod and riprap installation services guarantee a smooth and beautiful transition from land to water.


  • Sod removal & measuring
  • Ordering & delivery options
  • Soil grading & conditioning
  • Sprinkler replacement/installation
  • Sod placement, laying, & rolling
  • Adjustments & cleanup
  • Watering & fertilizing
  • Root & growth inspections


  • Transportation & installation
  • Shorelines & bridge foundations
  • Steep slopes & soil compaction
  • Fieldstone & matrix layering
  • Erosion & scour protection
  • Rodent & muskrat control
  • Seamless & secured filter fabric
  • Frost-Break & edging options

Why Spend The Extra Money on Speciality Services?

There are many outdoor specialty features that can add value to the future of a residential or commercial property. Projects like sod or riprap installation do require a larger initial investment but add significant value, an enjoyable outdoor environment and always pay off.

Benefits of Sod

Instant results. Newly installed sod offers immediate gratification. It's not ready for normal lawn traffic, but it instantly gives the look of finished lawn. Handled and installed properly, new sod generally takes just two to three weeks to root well and become established.

Benefits of Riprap or Shot Rock

Protects the land from the erosional force of water and efficiently absorbs wave energy because it is sloped. That, in turn, reduces turbidity and the resuspension of sediments, thus improving water clarity